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so i feel like i'm actually on top of everything for once. well....except for a tiny bit of chemistry, but i'll fix that tomorrow. everything is sort of calm and boring.
also, i have such an urge to be in Zanna, Don't! I want to be Tank! please, someone, put on this play and let me audition. ok, thank you.
soo....the on-campus apartments where i live were having hall council elections last weekend for next year and i was thinking of running for vice president, since i was senate VP back in high school. i had some second thought, but the resident director mailed me the application so i figured, why not? well, it turns out i was the only person who submited an application so i was asked if i wouldn't mind just running for president instead. so now i am hall council president for Birnam Wood 2006-2007. taa-daa.
2 more days until i'm home.
17 more days until i'm home for the summer.

the end.
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