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another boring entry about how sad my life is......

I would rather be taking finals right now. but i'm not. instead i am working 8-5 and then rehearsing most nights until 9 or 10 and packing/moving to poulsbo in whatever free time i have. this summer is awesome.
i'm working at a small printing company in fremont and my boss turns to me friday morning and says:
my boss: "now i know this is completely arbitrary and feel free to say no.....but would you like to drive to billings, montana today?"
me: (in my head) WTF?
my boss: map quest says it will take about 11 hours but i think you could get there in 8.
me: when would i leave?
my boss: oh, in about 15 minutes....
me: umm, can i call my mom?
fortunately my roadtrip was cancelled and i stayed in seattle. well, almost. i went to a very crazy slumber party in shoreline and spent the whole night talking to a bunch of 17 year old boys about dookie and urine.
and then i packed. and then i went to rehearsal for annie and after one week i already want to quit. but i had a long hard think about pretty much everything and it makes the most sense to stay in the show. at least, for now....hahahhaa.
and now it's time to go back to cutting paper.
and maybe my wrists.
just kidding.
the end.
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