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eh, you know....

It's been a while since i've posted on here. we finaly moved to poulsbo. well, the house has been signed off on and my parents are out there, but i'm still in seattle during the week. my job hasnt been going too well; i haven't been called in to work in the past two weeks. this makes me sad. i had to bail out on my trip to europe in september due to lack of finances :( I also bailed on annie. i felt bad because i've never dropped out of a show before....ever. but i also realized i wasn't really needed and there was no point in swimming through all those negative emotions for the whole summer.
but on the bright side i learned how to knit a hat. other than that my summer has been pretty quiet. i went up to bellingham last weekend which was nice. and i've been reading a wide range of novels. it's not a fantastic summer, but it's not terrible.

the end.
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