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midnight madness

i wish i had more friends. i still have one more week before i start my new job and it's finally striking me how lonely i am. i dont communicate with anyone. the people i want to see are not in this state. it annoys me. i don't know how to go out and meet people. part of the problem is the fact i am still 20. and the other part is that i know most of what i will find and it's not worth my time. i just dont have the energy to go picking and choosing through weirdos to find someone i can hang out with. ugh.
other than that everything is nice. the weather is nice. my body likes me. i like my body. the earth likes me. i like the earth. i am at peace. i am just lonely. the earth doesn't talk back to me. it speaks to me, and it listens to me, but it never responds to what i say.
i think i'm going to find a pot of soil and dig my hands deep into it. if only i knew how to dress as emo as i feel. someone should take me shopping.
also, i feel like a complete retard at my dance classes this summer. it's beginner/intermediate but most of it is over my head. and so ends my attempted minor in dance.
the end.
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