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an attempt at an honest entry....

so i'm sick beyond belief. why is it that whenever i come home for breaks i always get sick? i think i'm allergic to finals.
speaking of finals, they are going pretty well this quarter. i've only had minor freak outs and feel fairly confident about almost everything (i should work on being less vague). anyway, just one more test which i can't seem to sit down and study for.....i think i am officially burnt out.
i'm at such an interesting point in my life. half the time i feel like i'm getting too old and the other half i feel like i'm too young. that's probably the worst way to put it because, honestly, there is no right way to transcribe feelings into words (and we all know how awesomely literate i am) but it's been on my mind a lot so i thought i'd try and share it.
hmm, i guess the judgement time has come.....time to go statistically analyze data for two hours. things might be looking up since i'll be done with my finals in three hours, but i'll still be sick. and i also need to change the oil in my car. 2,000 miles ago.

the end.
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