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one single ray of joy

so in my vie for attention i come crawling back to livejournal in search of some insubstantial connection to another person. which is really dumb considering by the time someone reads this i will be asleep and probably in a better mood. whatever. here goes.
no matter how many times i look myself in the mirror and say life is fucked up i am still disturbed when fucked up things happen. not just to me or my friends or people i know but dont consider friends....i hate this feeling of misplaced trust. maybe not misplaced....misinterpreted? perhaps.
also, it shocks me how far out of their way people go to not make eye contact with me when walking around campus. i see someone and smile and they imeadiately turn their heads down and watch their feet. or they turn the other way and pretend to be interested in a building or a tree. what are they trying to protect? what are they trying to save?
or maybe it's just me.
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