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this is probably the most boring livejournal update i've ever done....

i went home thursday night. i had no class on friday so it made little sense to hang around school. my parents are kooky. but i love them.
we packed and packed stuff up on friday. my dad asked me to drive to west seattle and find this recycling place but it took forever and the people there were mean, so it made me sad. i hung out with maddie at folklife. we ran into some mountaineers and anna gave us discounted fudge. and then, later that night anna came over and we started to plan out our european vacation. i really hope it all works out.
saturday i had job interviews. not really sure how those went. we met two of the women who will be living in our house for the next year. then i went back to folklife and made a new friend. while i was out my mom tried to be a nice person and wash all my dirty clothes....but the drier broke which left me with a bunch of wet drippy clothes.
i spent sunday at the coin laundry shop drying all my clothes and as i walked back home i saw the two renters again with their friend taking pictures of our house so i let them in. i drove back to school and tried to get involved in hall council. and scrabble. went out for delicious dumplings and spent monday trying not to do homework.
so now it's tuesday and i have a book to read and a chem lab to finish and i really dont want to because it's almost summer and blah blah blah i'm just lazy, get over it.
the end.
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