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a brief history of my thoughts

it's funny how removed writing is from real life. in high school i was supposed to be awed by the amazing writing of 19th century authors who could put so much life and color into something as plain as ink on a page. but when it's a language that no one who reads can recognize, what good are the words on each page? who can unlock the colors of black and white? literature is one dimensional.
music is much better than literature. in music there is something speaking to you, be it piano, trombone or human. there is a guide who can tell you exactly how the notes should be interpreted. you don't need to know a language to understand the power behind the song. music is a language everyone speaks to themselves. music is an unspoken outstreached arm to someone else saying "i am here, please accept my individual voice and try to picture what i am saying to you." Literature does this too in a way, but the author is never there to audibly read you the story; if only you could hear me say this. there is a culture in subsaharan africa that uses a language mirrored in the music of their drums; there is an audible language people communicate in (in fractured, almost complete sentences) using the beats and tones of a drum.
the only thing that might trump music is dance. but i'm saving that for another day.
good night.
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